Frequently Asked Questions

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1)      If we enroll through GMH, can we still choose our own curriculum?

Yes.  We have several low-cost curriculum options to choose from (GMH Select Curriculum). Additionally, you are allowed to “opt-out” of our GMH Select curriculum and to choose your own curriculum if it better fits your family’s needs.  Credit will not be allocated for any curriculum not previously reviewed and approved by GMH.

2)      Does GMH pay for the curriculum?

Yes.  GMH offers up to an allotment per student for approved education-related expenses.

3)      What can I use the allotment funds from GMH for?

Only approved expenses will be reimbursed.  Appropriate uses of the allotment include:

    •         Curriculum/classes that support the student’s education plan
    •         Educational activities/classes/lessons pre approved by GMH
    •         Educational curriculum pre approved by GMH administrators
    •         Educational subscriptions/memberships pre approved by GMH
    •         Equipment in accordance with the Equipment Purchasing rules

More details can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook.

4)      Can my student take college courses while in high school and will GMH help pay for them?

Yes.  GMH offers a dual enrollment track for 10th-12th grade students wishing to take courses through COCC.  GMH will cover the cost of this coursework as long as students are showing academic success.  See Parent/Student Handbook for more information.

5)      Why should my family choose GMH?

GMH exists to provide a personalized education experience for students in Crook County.  Our unique design and guiding philosophy provides parents with the freedom to optimize their child’s learning and supports in a manner most beneficial to their family’s needs.  GMH supplements the standard home school design with: opportunities for in-person learning, licensed educators partnering with parents to oversee students’ educational plans and regular collaborations between teachers, students and families.

6)      How do I sign up for GMH?

There is a registration button on the GMH homepage with links to everything you need to get registered through Crook County School District.  It is a significant process so stick with it and reach out if you need assistance.  Call a GMH Administrator to set up an intake appointment.  Contact Michael Skinner at 541-416-4153 or  

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